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Tears fall on my shoulder.
Caused by him.
Unknown by him.
Innocent tears.
Scared tears.
Her tears.
:iconwordsofdeath:wordsofdeath 1 4
Mother... where have you gone?
You've left me to sit here and wait,
Just wait to join you... wherever you are.
But... how will I know how to get there?
You left me no map, no directions...
Just a tape recording your lullabye...
Father... why did you let it happen,
If you were just gonna leave too?
I have nobody now... and all you left me
Was a depressing old memory,
And a tape recording of a spoken goodbye...
Auntie... did you follow my mother?
Did you finally find she went? And if so...
If only you could bring her back...
But... you can't and you know it... you told me yourself...
So why couldn't you just wait for me?
:iconwordsofdeath:wordsofdeath 1 6
sleepless nights
I can't sleep
Because I'm thinking of you.
And I know this will turn out
A terrible mess,
But I've just gotta say,
You truly are the best.
The best girlfriend and friend,
The best girl that I know,
You're everything.... just everything
You are my world.
And well.... I love you, girl.
Another night of no sleep
And I really should say,
I have no idea what I should say.
By now it's three days,
And I got for what I payed....
and I know it was all me,
And I never said these words, count of three....
I love you.
And I don't know what to do.
Should I try to be cute?
Or should I remain mute?
Third night of writing and fourth without sleep....
Letting you go was my biggest mistake and I wish
It was one that I never, ever made.
I miss you. I love you. I just want you back.
It's killing me, just killing me, to be here without you.
So baby, I'm sorry.... I love you. I miss you.
My writing is
Sloppy and this apology
Bad, but you were the best
That I ever had.
There's little to say now but please ju
:iconwordsofdeath:wordsofdeath 1 7
Cissy chibi by wordsofdeath Cissy chibi :iconwordsofdeath:wordsofdeath 0 0
I wipe away the tears.
I conquer all your fears.
I listen when you talk,
I've never tried to walk
Away, I never do.
Baby, how I love you.
You aughta know I do.
I've always helped you out.
Been there without a doubt.
I cannot see just how,
You do not know by now
You should have seen....
Baby, you're everything,
Yes, everything to me.
I know you better than
All of those guys who claim
To love you so much more
Yet soon they're walking out the door
And can't you see?
Baby, you're everything to me.
I love you more than them combined.
Yet you still refuse to see....
The guy you wish for,
He is me.
:iconwordsofdeath:wordsofdeath 1 3
Mature content
Suicide Note :iconwordsofdeath:wordsofdeath 2 6
Love is not a rose.
Love, my dear, is not a rose
With thorns to cause one pain,
And wilting leaves that do not last,
A flower sure to die.
Nor is love a burning flame,
Destroying all it touch,
Leaving you with nothing but
A smoldering pile of ash.
And, of course, love is not a bird
Which soon may fly away,
While you remain upon the the ground
Alone with empty hand and heart.
Love, true love, will last you long
And never leave lonely,
Love will never harm you, dear,
But keep you safe from all.
Love has not a metaphor
To do it proper justice,
So why not leave it as it is,
And say love is....
No more than love.
:iconwordsofdeath:wordsofdeath 1 9
crazy. by wordsofdeath crazy. :iconwordsofdeath:wordsofdeath 1 15
A hunger. A yearning.
A taste for blood.
A taste for pain.
Dreaming of the blade
As it cuts through flesh,
Ripping it apart
And watching the blood
Begin to seep
Up and out of the trench.
The seering pleasure
Of cold metal
And the ecstatic rush
Of warm blood.
Everything surfaces.
Everything which has bubbled inside
For months on end.
Released by the blade
Which you hold.
Released in a sticky red
Through pain releasing pain.
The pain you now feed off.
Your secure partner.
It is more than a drug.
It is more than an addiction.
It is life for you.
It is a tool.
It is what feeds you and
Keeps the monster inside at bay.
:iconwordsofdeath:wordsofdeath 1 7
Naturally Unnatural by wordsofdeath Naturally Unnatural :iconwordsofdeath:wordsofdeath 2 3
my own goddess.
OI feel as if Ihave fallen
Through the ground and into Hadese.
Drowning in the depths of the river Styx.
I feel as a mad who has fallen
For a goddess.
Yet not as blind as a man
Fallen for the beauty of Aphrodite.
/my/ goddess contains beauty
Not that of the face
nor that of the  ody.
/my/ goddess contains beauty
Of the mind.
Wisdom as that of Athena.
Even the arrow of which,
Once peirced the coldest heart,
And created warmth within it-
Even that arrow could not
Attract me to a woman
As much as the beauty of the mind
Of which my goddess holds.
:iconwordsofdeath:wordsofdeath 1 5
Define Pain
Blood hits
The floor as you draw the sharp,
Cool glass across your
You feel about as
Broken as it. You
Feel as if the world has
Away from you and all that is left is the
Cold of the glass,
Warmth of th  blood and the
Throbbing pain which is now running through your arm.
You feel as if you are slowly
Emptying out
Yourself. As
If the
Blood were pain leaving you.
You to become nothing more than an
Happiness inside.
Because all you have ever had was pain and now if you
Can feel it
On the outside
And watch
Flow out through the wound YOU created then
All it leaves is emptyness
And emptyness or numbness
Whatever it is called either way the pain has gone and leaves an emptyness behind which is
Better nor
Worse than
The pain you felt before you came to the
Resolution of
Cutting out the pain and
Watching it ooze from you
:iconwordsofdeath:wordsofdeath 1 18
poetry Barf
Thoughts. Ideas.
It's all there....
But it just does not come together....
Hiding from the world.
From the ones who say the love me.....
Wait..... no..... I know a better start....
Sleeping inside of me,
Awaiting to break through
And devour me and all around.....
No!!! This is horrible....
What if....
It's okay to cry.
It's fine, Iam here.
There are many who love you.
And care.
Things they tell me.
But never realy mean....
Nope.... actually.... nah....
Numb. All I feel anymore.
All I have felt   for the longest of times
And never realized it.
Numb. But.... empty....
That's just not right for how I feel though....
Tears that fall.
That Imust hide from the world.
But why?
Why do I have to hide it....
Gah, Ihave no idea
Where to go with that....
Falling through through the  Earth
It seems, as if I were a ghost.
As if Iwere nothing.
But....  ren't I already?
No this is too.... i just
Don't know....
The gun is to my head.
There is no way to stop me.
The kn
:iconwordsofdeath:wordsofdeath 1 0
What is Beauty?
Her soft, clear face is as white as the snow and
Her lips appear as red as a rose.
Her hair is pale and soft while
Her eyes are a sky blue and wide.
She is my love,
My world,
My life.
And without her Iam dead.
And I am as dead as can be
For her skin was once not pale but
Pink, the color flesh should be.
For her lips appeared not such deep a red
But rather what lips should be.
And her hair was once a darker shade.
And now is pale and dead.
And her eyes, they are wide with death
And cloudy as the sky.
:iconwordsofdeath:wordsofdeath 2 0
mind washing
The life you lead is worthless to them.
~~no.... that cannot be true.
Nobody cares. Get over it.
~~but.... what about-
NOBODY cares about you!
~~but Ithought-
Exactly. You only thought.
~~oh.... but why? Why do they not care?
Because the world is full of selfish people
Who are lost only in their own minds. Nothing
That is your fault, of course, my dear.
~~do you not care then?
No. Not even I care.
~~why not?
Because Icannot. I must not.
~~but why?
Better not to ask questions. Not to care.
~~oh. But why can Inot care? Because Ido....
It is risky to care. You could get hurt.
~~but is it not worth it?
Nothing is worth it. Nothing is worth anything. Now,
No more questions. Keep
Your mouth shut and your mind closed and
All will be just fine.
~~of course....   
:iconwordsofdeath:wordsofdeath 0 0
Glow by wordsofdeath Glow :iconwordsofdeath:wordsofdeath 0 0


You'll Never Die
Hear me read it!
They say that if a writer falls in love with you then you never really die.
Instead your body is laid out in its funerial shrouds and moulds are made. Soft impressions of you to be pressed onto the blank faces of future loves.
Every time I write of taking comfort in a safe place in a storm, it will be your forearm. Every half-made smile will be on your lips, and every touch will be constructed from the residue beneath your fingernails.
When I metaphise of trees' blood, the leaves that give the energy so that a willow can provide shade for those in need, it will be your blood, it will be your light drenched kisses.
Every tear on every face will taste of the sweat that you put into keeping me happy. Every soaring song of love will be played through your windpipe, your trachea my instrument of choice.
For every time that a hero has the strength to walk on, I will use your feet. I will weld them to my own and walk a mile. Wal
:iconpoetryod:PoetryOD 469 233
Magical eyes by ryky Magical eyes :iconryky:ryky 7,998 388 Untitled by Little-Forest-Flower Untitled :iconlittle-forest-flower:Little-Forest-Flower 4 2 Graph Dragon by Useless--Fox Graph Dragon :iconuseless--fox:Useless--Fox 1 0 Hopper says Cheese by foxstone Hopper says Cheese :iconfoxstone:foxstone 9 3 Save a TARDIS (11th Doctor) by HuntressxTimeLady Save a TARDIS (11th Doctor) :iconhuntressxtimelady:HuntressxTimeLady 18 5
It's never too late
You will have been dead fifteen years tomorrow,
and yet not once have I visited your grave.
I was always busy; there was always time
to see you, to make amends. And yet, I feel
it's all a sham. I could make time, but I fear
the truth. It's easier to believe my lies.
If I went, I'd see your plot, see how you lie
untroubled, beneath the soil. Your tomorrows
ended many yesterdays ago. No fears
to face, no debts to pay. No decisions grave
to weigh your brow.  Not like your son.  How I feel
the heaviness of this life. There's too much time
and not enough. Lives end every day. It's time
to stop hiding from the pain. My future lies
along a path you've helped me walk. I can feel
your touch in everything I do. Tomorrow
is too late, sometimes. It shall not be graved
into history that I gave into fear.
For too long I feel I've lived a life of fear,
of caution, of safety, and, and yet such times
I had. Oh dad, you'd be turning in your grave
if you saw the choices that I made that lie
:iconthedorsai:TheDorsai 212 23
Chillin' in the Snow by SecretagentG Chillin' in the Snow :iconsecretagentg:SecretagentG 47 19 Secret. 12525 by DeviantArtSecret Secret. 12525 :icondeviantartsecret:DeviantArtSecret 178 0 Secret. 12612 by DeviantArtSecret Secret. 12612 :icondeviantartsecret:DeviantArtSecret 1,995 0
Mt. Vernon
The crisp, sweet taste
Of a can of cherry coke,
Bought from a machine
In a drive-through parking lot.
They heavy, stinging scent
Of a freshly lit cigarett,
Always Marlborough brand,
Smoke drifting lazily over the end
Over our heads, tainting the air.
The sound of dogs barking
At the cats that stalk the night,
While the nearest bar emits the sound
Of a familiar voice,
Singing some long-lost rock song
That sadly, only few still love.
The friendly, calming sight
Of an old brick road
That everyone hates to drive over
Yet they hate to see it
To be replaced,
Though it's cat-infested
And abandoned, but still loved.
The feeling of cool night air
Bitting your bare face.
Waking you up and filling you
With a sence of
Familiarity and happiness
That only this place
Could give you.
And you don't even know why.
:iconpoetryfreak15:poetryfreak15 2 5
Mt. Vernon Night
Cool air caresses your face.
Music plays from the nearest bar.
A song you know.
A voice you know.
Another cat is stalking you-
The fith one tonight.
You can see baove you,
The stars.
Shining like light through holes
In a velvety black curtain.
The music is faint
And you hear the crickets
Playing their
Lovely, familiar music in the
Empty streets.
And stull you can hear your footsteps
Echoing in the empty streets.
These empty, lovely, familiar
And all too soon,
The air grows thicker,
The music fades,
Cats dissapear,
The velvety curtains
With tiny holes becomes
A solid cold wall of black.
Cricket chirps give way to
Obnoxious cars and
Streets become crowded
And lonely.
:iconpoetryfreak15:poetryfreak15 1 2
Anonymous StreetArt Vendetta Mural in Bamberg by OpGraffiti Anonymous StreetArt Vendetta Mural in Bamberg :iconopgraffiti:OpGraffiti 1,682 109 Red. by anonymousnekodos Red. :iconanonymousnekodos:anonymousnekodos 1,883 329
They Watch Us
They Watch Us:
Perched high upon the mountains;
With wings as black as night.
They watch us in the hour,
Before darkness turns to light.
I've seen them in my visions;
In dreams they come and go,
But the things they seem to tell me
I guess nobody should know...
I've seen children that are buried,
Beneath a frozen lake.
A maiden sits there weeping;
Her heart is soon to break.
The crows flutter downward,
A noose amongst their hands.
They take the maiden away,
To a dark and distant land.
And even if I follow -
Even if I try...
I'll simply end up buried,
Where the frozen children lie.
-Chen Yuan Wen, 10th November 2012
:iconwordofchen:WordOfChen 552 129
Purple Wire Wrap Glass Dragon Eye Pendant by Create-A-Pendant Purple Wire Wrap Glass Dragon Eye Pendant :iconcreate-a-pendant:Create-A-Pendant 745 44


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So, I've gotten my girl to talk to me at last. We started talking things over. So that's improved. Good news there.
And I got my drum set back.
So, things are starting to look up for ME. However... some friends of mine seem to be getting into some serious drama between each other. This is ridiculous, I'm trying to stay neutral but honestly it's hard because they all want to bring me into it. All the while, just about all my other friends and even aquaintences are having serious problems. I want to help them all but some don't want help, some won't talk, and some... there's just no way I can help in their situations... WHAT do I do?
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